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Biryani -a meal of royalty during the Mughals has now become the most loved Indian dish of all. Over centuries this dish gained popularity, thanks to its bursting flavors, and has made way on the menu cards of almost all regional cuisines.

If you are in a mood to taste the best chicken biryani in Gurgaon, don’t spend hours searching for biryani near me in Gurgaon, rather try the delectable range of authentic biryani in Gurgaon offered at Ekdum! The flawless blend of the right amount of spices, fragrant rice, and tender flavourful chicken, undoubtedly makes it the most sought-after place. Wondering how to order? Simply search for biryani near me on your phone, find Ekdum! browse through the elaborate biryani menu and order your favorite one! The best biryani in Gurgaon will be prepared, packed, and delivered in no time to your doorstep.

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Biryani Near Me in Gurgaon That is a Treat to Your Senses

Nothing can entice your senses like a hot, aromatic pot of biryani. So when your heart desires to indulge in biryani near me, then don’t let it settle for anything but the best biryani near me from Ekdum! Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants of biryani are prepared with the utmost care, using the ingredients that are sourced from different parts of the world to give an unmatched gourmet experience each time you order.

What sets Ekdum! apart from other biryani restaurants near me is the unique use of ‘dum seal packing’ to carefully lock the flavors and aroma of your favorite biryani till it is delivered to your house. So don’t wait, dine in to relish the most succulent biryani in Gurgaon at Ekdum! or simply order biryani online in Gurgaon from the app.

Order Biryani Online in Gurgaon

As a biryani lover, when you don’t want to compromise on taste and yet order biryani near me with a price that’s reasonable, then Ekdum! is your go-to biryani restaurant. The biryanis are prepared in earthen pots using the authentic dum cooking technique allowing the dish to cook in its juices truly making it a place to relish the best biryani in Gurgaon. What more, the price of biryani begins at just 99 rupees so that you can eat to your heart’s content without having to pinch your pockets.

Don’t want to step out of the house and want to order biryani online near me? No problem! The Ekdum! app can be easily downloaded for quick online biryani near me takeaway and home delivery options or a simple web search of biryani near me in Gurgaon will lead you to Ekdum’s official website that gives you a plethora of biryani varieties and other food options to choose from, to complete your biryani order.

Surprise your family and order biryani in Gurgaon from Ekdum! and you can be assured that the biryani home delivery in Gurgaon cannot be safer and faster than this.

Explore Biryani Menu of Ekdum for your favorite Biryani in Gurgaon

When you are jonesing for biryani in Gurgaon that has an impeccable taste with the right balance of spices, smooth texture, and is freshly prepared, then Ekdum! biryani near me is what your taste buds need. You can make your favorite biryani come directly to your house with just a few taps on your phone.

Chicken biryani in Gurgaon

No wonder that chicken biryani is called people’s soul food, it a wholesome one-pot meal that can satiate your hunger like no other Indian dish. When your soul craves an authentically cooked chicken biryani near me, then looking for any regular chicken biryani restaurant near me will not help, you need an expert like Ekdum! who serve the best chicken biryani in Gurgaon. The chef’s who have mastered the art of cooking carefully craft your biryani order to perfection, so when you remove the lid off the pot of the best chicken biryani near me, you will be engulfed in the fragrant aroma of whole spices beautifully infused in the long basmati rice and marinated supple chicken chunks.

With so many different variants of biryanis available, you are sure to find your favorite variant of chicken biryani in Gurgaon at Ekdum! Next time if you want to indulge in a handi of most-loved butter chicken biryani near me that oozes with creamy texture or boneless chicken biryani near me that instantly melts in your mouth you know where you can find it.

Mutton biryani near me

In a mood to devour your beloved mutton biryani in Gurgaon? But not sure which restaurant makes the best mutton biryani near me? Look no further than Ekdum! You are served with mutton biryani near me that’s prepared by layering super soft mutton pieces on saffron-imbued superior quality basmati rice, cooked on simmer along with freshly ground spices, till all the ingredients seamlessly blend and turn into a culinary delight. Dig into this delightful dish the moment it is delivered to give yourself the ultimate satisfaction.

Veg biryani in Gurgaon

Do you live in this misconception that veg biryani in Gurgaon doesn’t have many variations? One peek into the Ekdum! menu and your eyes will easily spot the veg biryani platter. You are covered for your cravings for traditional dum veg biryani near me, or even when you want to experiment with a host of variants like special paneer makhani biryani. So sit back, relax, and delve into the best veg biryani in Gurgaon from the comfort of your four walls.

Egg biryani near me in Gurgaon

Heighten your food experience with Ekdum! signature egg biryani near me. The hard-boiled eggs are fried golden brown and then slow cooked along with spices and flavorsome rice making it a must-try dish.

Different Types of Biryani in Gurgaon That Can Be Found Under One Roof

Ekdum! brings 20 different variants of biryanis from across the country under one roof, spoiling biryani lovers like you with choices when you search for biryani near me on your phone.

Hyderabadi biryani near me in Gurgaon

Your hunt for smoky, aromatic Hyderabadi biryani in Gurgaon is well met with the culmination of punchy ingredients and traditional dum cooking techniques used at Ekdum’s kitchen to put together the Hyderabadi chicken biryani near me.

Preparing Hyderabadi dum biryani near me is more than just using the slow cooking process in an earthen pot, it is an art of delicately balancing the flavours of strong Indian spices that seep into the rice and pre-marinated chicken, giving you a sense of bliss in each bite that you take.

If you already have had enough chicken in your biryani, and want to try a refreshing variant of biryani from the land of Nizams, then Ekdum’s Hyderabadi mutton biryani near me is sure to tantalize your taste buds and put an end to your need for something different.

Vegetarians can find their solace when they order Hyderabadi veg biryani near me from Ekdum! Colorful vegetables like cauliflower, peas, beans, and carrots are sautéed before being added to the rice, giving them a nice crunch.

Wondering if Ekdum! is one such Hyderabadi biryani restaurant near me that has a door delivery option? The answer is yes! Your order of Hyderabadi biryani near me is carefully sealed and delivered right into your hands with love.

Kolkata biryani near me

Your love for an iconic Kolkata style biryani near me will get stronger when you have once tried the Kolkata biryani in Gurgaon from Ekdum! A sub-variant of Lucknowi Biryani, classic Kolkata biryani witnesses the mutton or chicken/vegetables and rice that are first cooked separately and then combined to cook again with loads of Jharna ghee, kewra essence, perfectly fried potatoes, and boiled egg.

Kolkata biryani near me from Ekdum! has mild yet a distinct sweet taste to it, and is served along with jeera raita and thick salan. Drooling for it already? Order Kolkata chicken biryani near me, to experience the joy of the city on your plate.

Lucknowi biryani in Gurgaon

Order Lucknowi biryani near me in Gurgaon from Ekdum! if you like to go easy on the spices. This Mughal delight has a creamy texture to it, thanks to the incorporation of dry fruits.

Dindigul biryani in Gurgaon

If your taste buds are longing to have something spicy and tangy then make way for Dindigul biryani near me in Gurgaon from Ekdum! The pungent sour taste of it will make you come back for more.

Authentic Variety

Our widest range of biryanis are made with authentic ingredients handpicked from each part of India.

Eco-Friendly Dum Sealed Packaging

The special ‘Dum Seal’ locks in the aromas and flavours, keeping them fresh and safe, waiting to be unlocked only by you.

Transparent Kitchen

The biryanis are prepared right in front of your eyes, in a transparent kitchen that prioritizes hygiene.

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